medical Yourself With Protein Rich Plasma

medical Yourself With Protein Rich Plasma

Nyc Midtown - medical Yourself With Protein Rich Plasma

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Platelet rich plasma (Prp) therapy is a cutting-edge non-surgical technique that is now ready for use as an in-office procedure. Years ago, it was understanding that platelets functioned solely to form blood clots--or, more specifically, to bind to each other at the sight of bleeding in order to form a "plug" to stop the flow of blood. new investigate has shown, however, that the platelet has a far greater role in the curative process than initially thought. When platelets composition at the sight of an injury, they not only form the plug to stem the bleeding but they also publish increase factors. These increase factors, also known as cytokines, aid in the curative of injured tissues.

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Prp Therapy: The Process

Prp therapy requires only a small estimate of normal blood from the patient (approximately 20 cc's). This blood sample is placed into a centrifuge in the office and is spun for approximately fifteen minutes. The final goods is a highly concentrated platelet rich gel, which, when applied to injured tissue, accelerates the normal curative process.

On the day of the treatment, the patient is seated in the exam chair and blood is taken from his or her arm. Once the Prp gel is ready for implantation, the area being treated is injected with local anesthesia after which there is no further hurt from the procedure.

To insure the accuracy of the placement of the platelet rich gel a diagnostic ultrasound is used. Then a needle attached to a syringe containing the gel is guided by the ultrasound into the areas of injury. After the procedure, a simple Band-Aid is applied. Because there is no surgical incision involved there is diminutive or no post procedural pain.

The Science

When the Prp gel is applied to the area of injury, the platelets are activated to furnish proteins capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation and cellular differentiation called increase factors. By concentrating the estimate of platelets found in normal blood by 10 times, the attention of increase factors in the area is equally enhanced. This is needful in terms of the curative process because increase factors are responsible for attracting stem cells that will eventually come to be new tendon, bone or fascia.

The procedure is very safe. Since the blood is drawn and processed immediately in the same premise there is no opportunity of contamination or blood from other patient. Also since the injection consist of blood from the same patient begin treated there is no opportunity of allergy or drug reactions. Additionally, platelets have a natural antibiotic quality so there is very diminutive opportunity of infection.


In my practice, by far the most coarse ailment treated with Prp is the painful heel condition known as plantar fasciitis. However, I have also successfully treated tendonitis, partial tendon ruptures and inflammatory bone conditions.

Prp versus Cortisone Injections

When Prp is compared to cortisone injections for inflammatory conditions there are many striking differences. Cortisone injections succeed in immediate pain relief. Prp injections do not act as quickly. Prp procedures take longer to deliver results because the increase factors take time to grow the new tissue. However, the platelets publish the increase factors that attract the stem cells and then furnish repaired "new" tissue. The cortisone reduces the inflammation immediately but precisely causes tissue weakening and damage.

So the option in the middle of cortisone and Prp comes down to fast comfort with potential tissue damage or actual new and repaired tissue that takes longer to comfort pain. This new innovative and cutting-edge technique is just the beginning of the new branch of science known as "orthobiologics". The day is fast approaching when curative science will be able to originate new parts to cure the ailments and injuries that plague our bodies. "Protein Rich Plasma" is one of the modalities that are currently ready to help the body accelerate the curative process and originate new, repaired, wholesome tissue.

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