Are Body Wraps a Scam?

Salons - Are Body Wraps a Scam?

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What is a Body Wrap?

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In the golden days, they were naturally an ace bandage or saran wrap tightly wrapped nearby your body. However, with increases in science and technology, they are much more than just something to make you feel a bit slimmer.

Today, a body wrap is likely to be a treatment where you are lathered up in a rich mineral body mask of seaweed and other assorted botanical ingredients. And, depending on the treatment, could last in any place from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

They are performed at many salons and day spas, and are becoming increasingly favorite as a private, in-home treatment.

Are All Treatments the Same?


There are essentially two dissimilar kinds of wrap being sold by salons and retailers. Both types of treatment will cause drastic improvements in the healing, conditioning, and moisturizing of the skin. However, there is a radical difference in the middle of the two!

A 'Big Night' Treatment

This first type of treatment is particularly useful for a special opening or a large event. It enables you to lose inches drastically through water loss. These can be particularly useful on an evening or weekend when you want to be seeing your slimmest and fittest. However, the inch loss from this type of body wrap is strictly temporary, much like that which you would regain in a prolonged session in a sauna.

A 'Permanent' Treatment

This other type of body wrap is known for its capabilities to aide in weight loss. This type of treatment creates inch loss by allowing the lymphatic theory to successfully remove stored toxins. These toxins enter your theory through the environment, poor dieting, and pollutants!

The permanent treatment also stimulates lymphatic drainage, which in turn, releases toxins and fatty acids from your cells. These toxins are then eliminated along with the system's natural waste process.

A tell-tale sign of this type of wrap is a valuable step in the instructions to 'drink water'. Your theory needs this water to aide in the release of toxins, and without it, your body won't be able to accomplish this process properly.

The results from this type of treatment can vary depending on an individual's toxicity level; however, the inch loss obtained is often permanent.

So, are Body Wraps a Scam?!

The sass is precisely not.

Experts agree that body wraps are great aides in losing stubborn weight, feeling good, and living healthy.

Body wraps can serve a variety of purposes, depending on a person's needs. If you have loose skin, a big event advent up, or are seeing to lose those unwanted inches, there is a dissimilar treatment for you.

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