vocation as a Garbage Man

Nyc - vocation as a Garbage Man

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You know there are many things in our civilization that are so prominent de facto and picking up the trash is clearly one of them. In fact it is a super prominent responsibility to safe our civilization from disease and build of filth, which can cause all sorts of horrific issues for society. And to this point one of the most prominent jobs and careers in this case is that of being a Garbage Man or Woman because you can help keep our civilization clean and safe.

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So often we say the wrong thing to kids growing up and we tell them you good go to college and get a degree otherwise you will end up a garbage man. Well, that maybe one way to get gets motivated straight through fear to stay in school, get a degree and enter corporate America, but in reality it does a severe injustice to the men and women who pick up our trash week in and week out. Without them can you imagine what things would be like?

For instance in Nyc the trash union went on attack and garbage piled up and soon it was a huge problem, rats and rodents everywhere, why? Simple, the trash pick-up is that prominent to us. And the truth is that a kid out of college with a firm degree makes less money than a trash person. The average trash person makes ,000 per year in many cases and the average degree holder starts out at ,000 or so. de facto maybe you can do something great like picking up the trash.

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