How to Plan a Spa Theme Bridal Shower

Salons - How to Plan a Spa Theme Bridal Shower

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Want to know how to plan a spa theme bridal shower? It's easy, fun and can fit into any budget.
So, if you're reasoning this sounds like a great idea, here are some suggestions to make your party a success.

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o First regain your guest list, and get a whole count. This will help you determine where to hold your party. Large or small, a spa idea can work.

o If you have a small group, you can go to a local salon. Facials, massages, and getting your nails done, are some of the services available. There are often special packages and prices for groups, so check ahead. Depending on your budget, you may want to succeed up with lunch at a local restaurant, or the spa may offer a menu. This is a great outing for close friends and family members of the bride. She'll love this idea.

o If you have a large group, you can still plan a spa theme bridal shower. Ask guests to attend in comfortable clothing.
Let your location set the mood. Use plants, a fountain, and baskets filled with towels, to decorate. You could also hang bathrobes. Serve salutary snacks and have a light main meal. Play soothing music.

o You can plan a spa theme bridal shower for a large or small group, at your own location, and still
follow straight through with this theme. Your entertainment could contain an aromatherapist giving a talk, person could do makeovers on several of the guests, or a beautician could do nails. See what time and your funds allows.

o Let guests leave with a spa themed favor. Nail polish, lipstick, scented candles, or a small potted plant are just some of the ideas to select. This will be a nice remembrance.

o Don't forget a spa theme gift for the bride. This could be anything she would appreciate. How about a bridal holder for before the wedding? Or a series of massages after the wedding? A monogrammed bathrobe is a luxurious gift, or assemble a basket of her beloved attractiveness products. Let it be a nice ending to her special party.

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