Great Ways to Say "Happy Birthday"

Great Ways to Say "Happy Birthday"

Nyc - Great Ways to Say "Happy Birthday"

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The old-fashioned birthday card is losing steam, and newer ways to wish your friend a Happy birthday are replacing them. Sometimes, easy well-wishes on Facebook or a birthday email are enough but frequently we want a more creative way to wish our friends a New York Happy Birthday. There are lots of options for easy but tantalizing ways to identify a friend's birthday.

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You can swiftly and assuredly send an online greeting card with funny animations, music, and a cute message. Online greeting cards are ready at a range of websites, along with,,, and If your sense of humor is more snarky you should check out for more tongue in cheek humor. On all of the e-cards websites you can sort through greeting cards based on the recipient or the type of card (for example, funny cards or top picks) and the site will allow you to customize the card with a personal message and then email the card to your friend.

Another more creative way to deliver a message is through writing on baked goods. In New York, Mrs. Fields offers delicious cookies of assorted sizes with practice messages written in icing. Who wouldn't want a giant chocolate chip cookie topped with icing? Or, Nyc Cookies by compose will deliver a practice bouquet of cookies with a message to your friend. Their cookies come in a range of sizes and styles, so you can get flip flop cookies for your friend who loves the beach, guitar cookies for person more musical, or car cookies person who likes the racetrack. Cookies by compose also offer large cookies, similar to those offered by Mrs. Fields. And if cookies aren't your first selection baked good, you could always opt for buying a cake with a happy Birthday message written on top. Celebrated New York bakeries like Veniro's in the East settlement or Magnolia Bakery in the West settlement offer great birthday cakes or pies.

Another selection is to order a champagne bottle online with a custom-printed message on the label. This way, your friend gets both a nice bottle of champagne, and your personal message! For the artistically gifted, you could print out your own label to stick on the champagne bottle. This idea could also work with a great bottle of wine instead of champagne.

If you only have time to swiftly stop by a store, you could send your friend a "Happy Birthday" balloon either by itself, with a card, or with a gift. It's also a popular Nyc tradition to embarrass a friend at work with a big helium balloon waiting at their desk the morning of their birthday.

The possibilities for wishing person a Happy Birthday are endless. A original card is becoming a thing of the past; there are many more original ways to share your birthday wishes. A friend's birthday is a opening to be creative and show your friend that you notion of them on their special day!

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