Sunless Tanning Vs Tanning Beds - Which is Safer?

Sunless Tanning Vs Tanning Beds - Which is Safer?

Tanning Salons - Sunless Tanning Vs Tanning Beds - Which is Safer?

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Sunless tanning is still a relatively new concept, but one that is catching on quick. If you are seeing for a safe way to get the bronzed look you want, reconsider the ample number of sunless tanning products available. For decades, tanning beds have been used to get the color sun seekers are seeing for. The technology of tanning beds came as a way to harness the sun for the ultimate convenience and year-round tanning. Tanning beds were also marketed for years as safer than sun exposure and thus drove the huge movement towards the tanning industry which speedily became a destination assistance for salons and spas nearby the world. As time has gone by tanning beds have come to be recognized as still providing the same harmful effects of the sun. This has driven a sunless tanning industry to meet the demand for safe tanning products.

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Tanning Salons

Sunless tanning is by far safer and more efficient than tanning beds. As we discussed, tanning beds offer the same harmful rays as the sun and can still cause the skin to age prematurely, permanent damage and even skin cancer. These are not conditions you want to face during your live, especially in an attempt to stay tan. The most beloved sunless tanning products consist of lotions, sprays, foams and airbrush machines. When working with sunless tanning lotions, take the time to apply them correctly and dilute them with a puny quarterly lotion for the most even application. Foams and sprays tend to go on more even, but you still need to check out the instructions to make sure you apply them right and that none of the ingredients will negatively influence your skin.

Sunless tanning also offers airbrushing tanning which is a formula of sunless tanning where a clarification of a colorant mixed with amino acids are sprayed on your skin. The amino acids help the colorant bond to your skin and once dry can last some weeks and fades evenly for a more natural look. You can use the airbrush formula over and over without damaging your skin and can customize the colorant to thoughtfully darken your shade depending on your natural skin tone at the time. This is the best and safest way to tan.

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