The Top 5 Must See New York City Museums

The Top 5 Must See New York City Museums

Nyc Midtown - The Top 5 Must See New York City Museums

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Though there are any large museums with prestigious collections located in roughly all major cities all over the world, you will find some of the world's best museums in New York City. These museums are a source of pride and have a great deal of importance to New York City and its residents.

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Nyc Midtown

There are an assortment of New York City Museums to visit either you're looking for modern and modern art, historical and scientific collections, photographic displays or crafts and objects of assorted media. Here is a list of the top 5 must see New York City museums.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Also known as The Met by most New Yorkers, this museum houses an array of incredible art collections. located on the edge of Central Park, you must visit the rooftop garden for splendid views of the park.

Museum of modern Art (MoMa): located in the middle of midtown Manhattan, MoMa is one of the world's foremost modern art museums. After undergoing an overall renovation, this museum was redesigned and has since doubled in size.

American Museum of Natural History (Amnh): located in the west side of Central Park, Amnh is one the world's largest and most influential museums with over 46 permanent exhibit halls.

Guggenheim Museum: An architectural gem designed by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim construction is a quarter mile long of winding ramps. As one of the city's favorite museums, the Guggenheim construction itself is a sight to see.

Whitney Museum of American Art: Known as The Whitney by many, this museum is the center of American modern art with over 18,000 permanent exhibits of assorted media.

You will find that most of these museums are on the edges Central Park except The Whitney and MoMa which are relatively within walking distance from the park. Most New York City museums payment an entrance fee but some are free on definite days of the week. Currently the Guggenheim on Saturdays and The Whitney and MoMa on Fridays have free admission between definite hours. Some museums, such as The Met, have a suggested entrance free and only need you to make a donation you deem appropriate.

This year, don't wait till Museum Day to visit the best New York City museums. Museums are like time capsules that capture the history and culture of humanity of the past, present and time to come to be understood, observed and appreciated here and now. And New York City museums are world renowned for showcasing the best exhibits.

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