Tanning Bed Stickers: Silly or useful

Tanning Bed Stickers: Silly or useful

Tanning Salons - Tanning Bed Stickers: Silly or useful

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Tanning Bed Stickers: Silly or Useful?

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Tanning Salons

Stickers aren't just for kids. Use tanning bed stickers to track your progress.

Tanning bed stickers may seem like a waste of time or something just for kids, but in reality, these cute designs are a great way to track your progress in the tanning bed.

Very simply, a tanning bed fastener is placed somewhere on your body where you don't mind not getting a tan before you start tanning. The fastener blocks the ultraviolet rays that darken the skin pigmentation, allowing you to see how much you have tanned during a singular session. If you continually place a new fastener in the same place every time you tan, finally you can see your long-term progress.

The stickers work the same way when used with sunless tanning products and spray on tanning booths. By outside a small area of skin, you can later see how much of a tan you have achieved.

If you're involved about creating an unsightly white splotch and ruining your beautiful tan, treat it like a tattoo by choosing an eye-catching design, like a butterfly, heart, or a catch phrase like "Hot Stuff!" and place it somewhere special, like right above your bikini line, or on your breast or shoulder. You can even use henna or skin safe paints to decorate your new "tattoo".

For a more elucidate tanning bed fastener tattoo design, string several butterflies across your belly in a loose flight pattern or place a path of footprints down your thigh. Vary the coloring by replacing one less fastener before each tanning session so the footprints gradually fade away like footsteps in golden sand.

Most tanning salons offer its patrons tanning bed stickers free of charge, or you can purchase rolls of stickers for as minuscule as from online vendors, eBay, or where ever you purchase your residential tanning bed supplies.

Since safe tanning is such a gradual process, it is beneficial to have a way of tracking your progress, especially if you tan in the nude. By using uncostly and fun tanning bed stickers, you can see how well your tanning sessions are paying off and even originate a minuscule personal art in the process. Remember, stickers aren't just for kids and have a good time!

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