How to Get Rid of a Blotchy Spray Tan

How to Get Rid of a Blotchy Spray Tan

Tanning Salons - How to Get Rid of a Blotchy Spray Tan

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If you are left with blotches of a wearing out spray tan then you can learn a few ways to speed it up and return your skin to its natural color. You might want to do this so that you can get a fresh new tan because with left over blotches your new tan will look uneven. Most population that have tans these days are synthetic either they get them done at tanning booths tanning beds or airbrush tanning. If you want to take off a tan the key is to keep exfoliating. Using baby oil and going to a chlorinated swimming pool.

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Tanning Salons

Exfoliate your skin daily to get rid of spray on tan. The best way to exfoliate is to sit in a hot Jacuzzi for 20 minutes until you feel your dead skin cells have fully absorbed as much water as potential or until your fingers come to be wrinkly. This means your skin is damp enough and your dead skin cells are ready to be rubbed off. Using a loofah with soap or extra exfoliating creams rub your skin wholly in a circular petition will moderately take off excess dead skin. This is the most effective way to exfoliate your skin and take off your tan.

Baby oil contains ingredients that everyone with a new tan wants to avoid. You can do the opposite since you are trying to get rid of your tan anyway. Apply a small whole of baby oil on your skin when you wake up in the morning. When it feels like it has dried up use it again in the afternoon an again in the evening, then shower before bed. Baby oil is the first tip you would hear about when you ask about getting rid of a tan.

If you go swimming in water that has harsh chemicals this will also work like bleach for the tan. Harsh chemicals can consist of a pool with chlorine or sea water that has salt. Both of these will minimize your spray tan more than swimming in a pool without chemicals.

Removing a tan might take longer for some population than it would for others especially if the tan is new. You can do this also if you are not happy with the color you have from a spray tan or just to take off left over. Many population do this to have their skin freshened up a ready for other tanning session.

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