The No Chip Manicure

The No Chip Manicure

Salons - The No Chip Manicure

Good evening. Today, I learned about Salons - The No Chip Manicure. Which could be very helpful in my opinion and also you.

Salons are not retention up with the changing times of strengthen products in the nail tech industry. The new strengthen and changing times of chipping nail polishes and smudge pedicures is a sign of the past. Customers are tired of their nail polish and their French manicures chipping within a incorporate of days. Salons and spas are hearing of the new, no chip nail products and customers are responding by searching for salon/spas that offer such services. There are many no chip manicure products ready from Sally Hansen and some no chip products can be found at your professional attractiveness provide store.

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I would like to talk about the no chip manicure systems that you literally paint on with an actual paint brush turning the nail technician into her very own artist with steady hands and patience. The colored paint comes in 4gram or 10gram pots with gorgeous colors from your reds to browns to soft pinks. The no chip color can stand up to competition by offering over 100 vibrant colors and stands up against your shelf nail polish with its continuous shine for up to 2-3 weeks. Ranging from every color together with your warms, and cool colors the "No Chip Manicure," also has colors such as Bahama Breezes which happens to be nice spring colors. This is the season for many events and planning and The "No Chip Manicure," can be marketed towards your vacationers, wedding parties, professionals women who like to wear dark colors, and hard working moms; it comes with a basic manicure and takes approximately 45-minutes to one hour to apply so plan ahead.

Customers will continue to get their former shelf nail color but having an alternative and choice for longer lasting nail color should be ready to clients. Nail Techs can help increase their earnings by training to become a "No Chip Manicure Specialist.' Training is very prominent because of exact steps such as sanitizing the hands and nail bed before each and every application, to studying how to take off the no chip manicure. Customers are also taught how to take off the no chip manicure from home which is safe and easy. Once removed (about ten minutes) your clients will see that their nails are stronger and longer. Many argue that it is better than gel because it allows the nail to bend unlike your former gel which hardens.

Customers know that some former polishes include harsh chemicals and many nail polish fellowships are removing the harsh chemicals from their nail polishes. Removing some of these chemicals which are used to preserve the longevity of the nail polish causes the nail polish to chip in the long run. The "No Chip Manicures," have patented a way not to use such harsh chemicals and has been Fda approved for a safe alternative for natural nail care. The products are odorless, requires wee or no buffing, and is self forming unlike your former gel and acrylic products.

Interested and enthralling clients are traveling miles to visit a specialty nail shop. Currently there are only a few salons in Chicago that offer the aid mostly in uptown Chicago. The No Chip Manicure is gently spreading throughout the city of Chicago like in the Edgewater community, Lincoln Park, Lincoln quadrate and Ravenswood. Customers are Googling to find the most favorable locations that offer the no chip manicure. It took me about six months to devotee the skill of applying the no chip manicure; doing many clients for free at first. Customers must make sure that their manicurist is trained and certified in applying the product. Incorrect application can cause fungus and lifting of the product. Prices can range from - bucks depending on the location.

Not having many salons offering this unique aid within safe bet geographic areas allows for territorial advantage allowing nail salons to build an huge clientèle base. The Non Chip Manicure can last 2-3 weeks without chipping and is getting rave revues from clients and celebrities who receive the unique service. Once clients learn and caress the goods many switch to the "No Chip Manicure," giving up their acrylic application all together. Nail Techs can offer this unique aid to professional men who like for their nails to appear buffed for two weeks. The manicure can be great for your nail biters and can enhances nail growth. Nail Techs can increase their earnings by lasting to increase their educational level by retention up with advances in the new signs of the times and the lucrative no chip manicure nail systems.

I hope you receive new knowledge about Salons . Where you can put to use within your day-to-day life. And most of all, your reaction is passed about Salons . Read more.. The No Chip Manicure.

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