How Do Tanning Beds Work?

How Do Tanning Beds Work?

Tanning Salons - How Do Tanning Beds Work?

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Tanning salons are gaining a lot of popularity. The main fancy for it is that people want the tanned look which is literally fashionable these days. But it is very primary to know "how do tanning beds work?" before you make the final decision to go in for this option. Remember, that there is no such thing as "safe tanning". Getting tanning through these synthetic rays can be very harmful.

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Tanning Salons

The tanning through sun is done by exposing the body to the sun rays. In the process of tanning you may end up harming the skin because sun emits harmful ultra violet rays which can lead to varied skin problems and even dangerous skin diseases like skin cancer. The tanning beds work on the principle of sun rays only.

These beds have some fluorescent lamps which have phosphor blends. They emit Uv rays in the form of spectrum which resembles the rays emitted by the sun. The home tanning beds have about 12 to 28; 100 watt lamps where as tanning beds of salons have 24 to 60 such lamps and each of these lamps consume 100 to 200 watts. These beds were first introduced in 1978 in America and in few years time only they have come to be very famous. But if you understand how these tanning beds work then you may come to be very reluctant to use these beds. It is true that that these beds are very harmful. The bulbs of these beds emit ultra violet radiations which consist of about 95% of Uv rays and 5 % of Uv rays. These bulbs need to be changed when they get fused.

The Uv light emitted by these beds is approximately like the sunlight. But the only difference is that you can operate the estimate as well as the time of the exposure of the rays of the tanning beds. The Uvb rays emitted by these beds bring the dark color to the skin by stimulating the output of melanin. The Uv rays oxidize the melanin which is produced by the Uv rays and this succeed in giving the skin the golden color. It is very primary to understand the working of the tanning beds because keep in mind that your skin is very precious and exposing it to the wrong zone can literally have negative and irreversible harm on the skin.

Then there is someone else category of beds called high pressure tanning beds which are separate from the general beds. You need to be aware of how these tanning beds work before you use them. These beds do not emit any Uv rays instead they rely only on the Uv rays. In these beds the lamp or bulb which is made of quartz filers the Uv rays which are considered to be more harmful. The succeed is that you get a tan which is not only deep but also lasts longer.

When you go to a tanning salon you are made to lie down on the bed and your full body is covered from all the sides. Then, the rays are emitted from both the sides to reach all the parts of the body. The time for which you lie in the bed depends upon the estimate of tanning you want but remember that over exposure to these rays can have a permanent harm to the skin. The owners of the tanning salons may claim that these beds give you safe tanning but you should be smart enough to understand that these are just business tricks. The principle of the working of the tanning bed will make you aware how does tanning takes place and what are the changes which these beds bring in the skin which results in tanning.

If you understand how a tanning bed works properly only then you can be aware of exactly what you are doing with your skin. If you are known about your skin and you know how precious is your skin then after understanding how do tanning beds work, you will be able to have an idea that these tanning beds can literally put you in real issue by harming your skin as well as your health.

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